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UNIMAC® Innovates in laundry

Nowadays, many hotels and restaurants choose to outsource their laundry services. However, there are some instances in which new developments in laundry technology mean it could be better to have the equipment in house, as was mentioned in the article Rinse and repeat in the magazine Foodservice Consultant.

The appeal of outsourcing is that you get a reasonable price and the problem is out of sight. However, you are limited by the quality of the linen that is available from a service provider and by the quality of their cleaning processes.


Recent developments in laundry technology have focused heavily on cost-efficiency and ease of use, making in-house cleaning a sensible option. Today’s washer-extractors can adjust the amount of water, energy and chemicals to suit each load and ensure optimum results in the best and fastest way. Ease of use is also a priority in the innovation process for equipment manufacturers. Often, machines will be used by inexperienced staff without special training or an in-depth knowledge of different textiles. Further down the line, we might see owners use data to get an overview of their laundry operations to maximize efficiency.  

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Our inverter-driven machines feature powerful controls that enable users to set up customized programs that are specific to their needs. Its user-friendly interface includes visual aids for selecting the appropriate wash,” said Christophe Sisternas, Vice President Marketing at Alliance Laundry Systems. “The priorities are ease of use, low levels of noise, a large door to allow easy access, utility efficiency and flexibility. It is a sign of success for us if general managers don’t notice the laundry process because it runs easily and performs so well,” Sisternas said.

The ability to add components to enable the re-use of water, so that the final rinse can be used for the pre-wash cycle of the next load, or heat exchange systems for dryers to help with the heating of a hotel are developments that are helping to increase energy efficiency and, therefore, make in-house laundry a more cost-effective option compared to outsourcing.


Looking ahead, we may see more change in computerized controls and the use of data, as machines become more intelligent and can predict how to run the laundry process in the most efficient way. There is still scope for innovation in the future, but in-house laundry equipment could already be a game-changer for many foodservice operations.

“Laundry is all we do, so we are there to ensure that customers have the best set-up to achieve the highest throughput and maximum efficiency,” Sisternas said.