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UNIMAC® Extends its ironer offerings

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UNIMAC® extends its ironer offerings

We are pleased to announce a considerable number of additions to the current UniMac-ironer product range.

These new products will complement the current ironer range by adding feeders, folders, towel folders and ironers capable of handling more than 200 kg of hourly ironing capacity. The additions, suitable for segments such as nursing homes, hotels and small- and medium-size laundries, will enable you to be even more competitive in your market.

Availability of these new products will further reduce current gaps of higher capacity ironers and folders and offer a better match with current washer-extractors and tumble dryers offerings.

2018 Ironer offerings

Changes on currently available products:
The chest-heat ironers UL370/500/600/800 will be named ACL370/500/600/800 (one roll) and ACL800 (two rolls).

New additions to the range:
UniMac introduces the following new products to its ironer range:

Chest heated ironers:
  • ACL80K: chest heated ironer with one roll and two rolls diameter of 800 mm, 278° compared with standard 180-206°. It also has a ventilation chest that helps obtain a 25 percent higher ironing capacity than ACL800, featuring an ironing capacity of up to 430 kg/hour one roll and 710 kg/hr two rolls.
We also offer a standard package of feeders, folders and towel folders. A wider range also will be available but you need to contact your regional sales manager.

  • Feeder AVFV: basic vacuum feeder designed for manual feeding of sheets, duvets, table linen and small pieces directly on the feeding table.
  • Feeder AAFV: An automatic feeder with feeding-clamps, allowing large pieces to be easily introduced by one or two operators. When the spreading clamps, with lay down beam, are placed in their back positions, small pieces can easily be introduced by multiple operators. Small pieces can be fed by setting clamps backward.


Folder ASFV: An automatic folder with standard single lane, two length folds, three cross folds and drop off stack. Working width up to 3.3 m and 3.5 m. More options are available.

Towel folder ATFVC3 and ATFVMF: The standalone ATFVC3 folder is typically designed to fold towels and other dry flat items at high speed. ATFVMF has more French folds and sorting stack functions for different sizes of towels.


Order information

All above-mentioned products are available for ordering starting Jan. 1 2018. Please contact your order desk contact person for further details about delivery terms.