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Light Commercial Top Load Washer


  • Model Number: UWNMN2SP112CW01
  • Control: E-Mech
  • CAD Symbols

Every on-premises laundry needs equipment that can be trusted for long-lasting performance and that gets laundry done on time and on budget. But not all on-premises laundry operations require large-capacity laundry equipment. For those facilities that demand superior quality on a smaller scale, or wish to supplement their current lineup with smaller alternatives, UniMac® top load and front load washers answer the bell with unmatched durability and efficiency.



On-Premises Washers Features

Control Option

E-Mech Control
The E-Mech Control features a straightforward design that offers customers simple water temperature and fabric selections, and uses cue lights to monitor progress through the wash cycle.

Simple Serviceability

The UWNMN2SP112TW01 can be serviced through a detachable front panel, eliminating the need for extra floor space around the machine and minimizing downtime.

Simple Serviceability

Durable Construction

Our stainless steel washtub won’t pill, fray or snag fabric because it actually becomes smoother each time you use it. It is extremely rust-resistant and will not be damaged by normal use—that’s why we provide a lifetime warranty.
Great Results

For superior washability, our wavy vane agitator offers a 210° agitation stroke that delivers maximum side-to-side, top-to-bottom washing action to get linens as clean as possible.

Peace of Mind

We are pleased to offer a three-year limited warranty on any parts in the UWNMN2SP112TW01. We also offer a five-year limited warranty on the transmission assembly, as well as a lifetime warranty on the stainless steel washtub.*

*Parts only, labor not included. See UniMac Warranty Bond for specifics.