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High-Performance Industrial Washer Extractors


For high-capacity on-premises laundries whose operation demands the best of the best, there’s no other choice than UniMac® high-performance washer-extractors. Durable construction, industry-leading efficiency and exclusive innovations like UniLinc and OPTispray™ combine to deliver lower costs and higher throughput than any other laundry machine on the planet. Whether you operate a hotel, long-term care facility or any other on-premises laundry, UniMac has a washer extractor for you. With a full line of versatile, industrial-strength commercial laundry machines, we have a solution to suit any on-premises laundry needs.

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Control Option

The revolutionary UniLinc control offers unparalleled control of your laundry facility, allowing you to maximize the efficiency and profitability of your business like never before. Features such as advanced start, a real-time clock, maintenance reminders and monitoring of error codes and idle time all assist managers in keeping their laundry running at optimum efficiency, while six language options allow for multilingual operation and easier training. Owners can benefit from 41 programmable cycles, advanced monitoring and quick-view reports that can be emailed to a laptop or PC to maximize laundry performance. With wireless networking, the entire laundry can be managed from any Internet-connected computer for remote monitoring of multiple machines and locations to improve efficiency. Click here to learn more about UniLinc.

Control Option

TotalVue Powered by UniLinc is a revolutionary cloud-based management and reporting tool that gives you complete visibility to how and where your laundry costs are being spent, so you can make simple adjustments that have an immediate impact on your bottom line.

  • The easiest way to manage your laundry
  • Complete visibility for full control & management
  • Summarized and actionable reporting
Click here to learn more about TotalVue.
High Performance Features
  1. Drive Shaft Assembly

    Built for industrial needs, cylindrical front/spherical rear bearings can handle 200 percent more force than ball bearings. The result? A longer lasting machine.

  2. Frame

    The plate-steel industrial frame is designed to handle vibration and unbalanced loads effortlessly. It can also be placed on an existing UW60 concrete pad.

  3. Motor

    Our motor has 67 percent more horsepower than cabinet washers of the same capacity. More power means the ability to handle around-the-clock use, increasing productivity and the life of the motor.

  4. Inverter Drive

    The proven technology and proprietary design provide smooth, reliable power for optimal wash and extract performance.

The Ultimate in Performance
    1. The best line of hardmount washer-extractors just got better:
    2. 400 G-Force Extraction

      The fastest hardmount in the industry. The result is maximum water removal, allowing your laundry to run at premium efficiency.

    3. UniLinc

      This revolutionary control system is the best in the industry for a reason. It monitors your laundry, is easy to use, saves energy and reduces downtime.

    4. OPTispray

      Consumes as much as 39 percent less water than competitor brands while maintaining the same wash quality you’d expect from UniMac. Decreases cycle rinse times by up to 12 percent to increase throughput. Leaves 22 percent less residual wash chemistry in the load compared to our nearest competitor. Saves up to $2,110 in yearly utilities compared to competitor brands.

    5. Width

      The 34.12″ width easily fits through 36″ commercial doorways and makes installation a breeze.

    6. Door Height

      The 28.1″ elevated door height ensures wash baskets can easily roll under the door for easy loading and less bending for users. This elevation eliminates the need for an expensive secondary machine base—perfect for OPL use.

    7. Door

      New door is standardized to open from the right paired with a proven roll pin/cam lock system to ensure smooth opening and closing.

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