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New UniMac® Hospitality segment brochure

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New UniMac Hospitality segment brochure

Underlines the brand’s leading position in hospitality laundry services


The first pages are dedicated to a general introduction of UniMac as the expert brand in the hospitality sector. It describes how the laundry contributes to ultimate comfort and delivers an unparalleled experience for guests. Benefits and advantages of the in-house laundry are also called out and include flexability as well as regaining quality, process and cost control.

On the next pages, you can find UniMac‘s specific solutions, which deliver the lowest cost of ownership. UniMac‘s 70-year experience, heavy-duty products and smart technologies are also backed by Alliance Laundry Systems, the world leader in commercial laundry. This combination, furthermore, brings global service and support, industry-leading warranty conditions, genuine spare parts availability and customized financing solutions.

Get more information about the UW features, benefits and technical specifications in our product sheets and sales guides.


The brochure dedicates a special section to our in-house project support. We use a proven method, consisting of six step-by-step tools, which document our tailor-made planning.


Completing the piece is an overview of the machine ranges fitting the hospitality sector laundry needs, including washer-extractors, tumble dryers and ironers.

We are convinced the new UniMac hospitality brochure features all the necessary information needed to appeal to hospitality industry customers. In addition, its premium look and feel underlines the brand’s exclusivity. We make the world cleaner as the premier provider of laundry solutions.

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The brochure will be available in the following languages:
• English
• Brazilian Portuguese
• Colombian Spanish
• French
• German
• Italian
• Russian
• Spanish

English copies are already available on demand. The other language versions will be printed on request, so do not hesitate to contact us.